JAC Muir of Hertfordshire

Dear Stephen, Thank you for your professional help over the past months in representing me for the accumulation of driving licence penalty points, a so-called ‘totting up’ case. Your non-judgmental, practical and honest manner put me at ease from our first telephone introduction and I felt confident to speak frankly with you from the start. You effectively managed my expectations providing a clear understanding of the best and worst case outcomes. This helped me enormously in coming to terms with the potential outcomes and in approaching others in relation to the event. Throughout the process you clearly demonstrated to me and your peers that you know this area of law in precise detail. I am very grateful for that. In terms of your approach, the initial email guidelines you provided were useful for orientation purposes. Of particular value was the preparatory telephone interview which gave me confidence that you had a good grasp of my personal situation, cared about my case, and had a plan to represent me in the best possible manner. On the day in Court it was very settling to meet early on in the day to be reminded and re-assured of what to expect from the process. When my time came you were very articulate in your presentation and put the case for the defence in a clear and persuasive manner. Whilst I hope never to be in need of your services again, I would recommend you without hesitation to anyone in a similar position. I wish you all the best for the future. Kind Regards, Mr JAC Muir Hertfordshire

Stephen Oldham represented Mr Muir at Warrington Magistrates’ Court

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