Police Accident Investigations

If you are being investigated by the police for a driving case an experienced solicitor can give you advice about what to do. You may need to think about some of several things. I can give you the right advice.

How a solicitor can help if the police are investigating you following an accident

  • How strong is the evidence against you?
  • Should you reply to a notice of intended prosecution/request for driver details?
  • Should you accept a fixed penalty?
  • Can you go on a driver improvement course?
  • Should you attend a police interview?
  • Should you answer questions or say ‘no comment’ to police questions?
  • What will happen if you do not agree with what the police are saying about you?
  • Should you take the case to court?
  • What is the right charge
  • Can I persuade the police to put a lower charge
  • Can I persuade the police not to charge
  • Can I persuade the police to offer a driver improvement course of a fixed penalty

No substitute for experience

I specialise in representing drivers accused of motoring offences. I have years of experience representing clients in police investigations. I have deep knowledge about Magistrates’ Courts and Crown Courts. That means that I can advise you how a police investigation will effect exactly what will happen in court. Hopefully my advice will mean that you avoid court altogether.

Law Society Accreditation

I am a member of the Law Society Criminal Litigation Accreditation Scheme – an award that is only given to solicitors who have reached a required standard and level of experience in the police station and the Magistrates’ Court.

Unsure if you need legal representation for a police accident investigation?

Before you decide if you need a solicitor, call me or request a call back under no obligation.