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Collaboration is a key part of Stephen Oldham Solicitors. It is my philosophy to be open to my clients, to the public and to other lawyers.

The Open Law Project will eventually have all of my business documentation (template letters, legal documents, skeleton arguments, office manuals and anything else that might be useful) available on my website for others to share and use.

At the moment there is not much here – give me time.

In the future I might expand the project and include materials from other lawyers if they want to participate.

Some documents are edited to remove confidential information. I will make as few edits as possible.


Most of the communication that I send to clients is by email. Template letters are mostly unformatted. They do not have tabs, tables, multiple fonts or formatted paragraphs. This makes it easier to copy and paste into an email.

Using my Documents

You are welcome to copy my documents and use them for yourself. I do not ask for anything in return. If you do use my materials and you find them helpful then you can:

  • Tell others about this site
  • Post comments and suggestions for improvements
  • Put a link to on your website
  • Like me on Facebook
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  • Follow me on Twitter
  • Share my blogs, posts and pages (including this page – use the buttons below)

Don’t forget that I am a sole practitioner without a client account practising criminal litigation/motoring law. If your law firm has a different structure you should adapt any of my materials to suit your own needs.


Client Care Letter

Business Plan 2014

This is the business plan that I used to obtain my startup Professional Indemnity Insurance (PII) quote and for my application to the Solicitors Regulation Authority for authorisation as a sole practitioner.

There are two documents.

The business plan has been edited to remove personal information, information about third parties and some limited commercially sensitive information. I have tried to leave in as much as possible.

Business Plan 2014

The business plan spreadsheet is an Excel spreadsheet with startup costs, cashflow, profit and loss and balance sheet projections. I have removed the figures so that you can’t see how much money I was planning to make (it was fairly modest).

Business Plan Spreadsheet 2014

SRA Application

Form FA1 is the application to be a sole practitioner. I have removed some personal information from the form. There are one or two boxes that you haven’t formatted properly in the pdf.


Office Manual

My office manual is always being amended. This version was current in May 2015 and has not changed much since I submitted it to the SRA for approval on start up. A few sensitive details have been removed.

Stephen Oldham Solicitors Office Manual May 2015

9 Replies to “Open Law Project”

  1. I just want to say that I think you are marvellous! I first spotted you on the Linked in SPG group and (today) I’m referring to a point you made about how you work paperless! That blog post was brilliant. Thank you ever so much for sharing. Although I am fairly comfortable with my set up – it’s SO useful to see how other lawyers approach things. Brilliant. I think the open-law project is great and i share it with others. If I can ever be of assistance to you or your clients (I’m a company / commercial / construction) then please do let me know. I will most definitely put you on my list of recommended solicitors. Keep up the phenomenal work…. you are an inspiration.

  2. Ive only just discovered you through the SPG linkedin page! This is such a brilliant idea! Like Nicolina, am happy with my set but have referred your site to a colleague who is setting up.

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