Stephen Oldham Solicitors FAQs

What is Stephen Oldham Solicitors?

Stephen Oldham Solicitors is a law firm registered with the Solicitors Regulation Authority to offer legal services in England and Wales. It specialises in representing drivers who have been accused of motoring offences and who face a police investigation, a Magistrates’ Court case or a Crown Court case.

Who works for Stephen Oldham Solicitors?

Just me – Stephen Oldham. I am the only person who works for the firm. There are no other staff. When you call, email or contact via social media I will reply personally.

When was Stephen Oldham solicitors started?

I registered the firm in February 2015 and started operating in March 2015.

How long has Stephen Oldham been qualified as a solicitor?

I qualified as a solicitor in 2001. Before that I worked as a trainee solicitor from 1999-2001.

What does criminal law have to do with driving offences?

All driving offences from speeding to dangerous driving are technically criminal cases (although not all will result in a criminal record). The process of a police investigation, Magistrates’ Court case, Crown Court case and possible appeal are all part of the criminal law.

Any lawyer who deals with driving cases needs to know about and specialise in the criminal law.

What experience does Stephen Oldham have in the criminal law?

  • I worked as a trainee solicitor with a focus on criminal law from 1999-2001.
  • I qualified as a police station representative (authorising me to represent suspects being investigated by the police) in 2000.
  • I have worked as a solicitor specialising in criminal law since 2001.
  • I have had a full criminal litigation accreditation from the Law Society since 2002.
  • I am a Higher Courts Advocate (Criminal) authorising me to represent defendants in the Crown Court.

What experience does Stephen Oldham have as a motoring lawyer?

I have represented clients in court for motoring offences since 2001. I worked for a national motoring law firm specialising purely in driving cases from 2011-2015. I have experience of representing defendants and appellants in the Crown Court for motoring cases.

Where can I find out more about Stephen Oldham Solicitors?

What is a driving solicitor?

A driving solicitor represents drivers who have been accused of driving offences. The most common offences that I see are speeding, drink driving, failing to provide a specimen, failing to stop or report an accident, careless driving and dangerous driving. There are hundreds of other motoring offences. You can find details of a selection at my Driving Offences page.

I advise my clients about:

  • A defence to the charge where one is available
  • A plea in mitigation to minimise the effects of a conviction when there is no defence
  • Keeping their driving licence when ever possible

Is there any difference between a motoring lawyer a motoring solicitor, a driving solicitor or a motoring barrister?

There is no formal definition of a solicitor or lawyer who represents drivers for motoring offences. The terms “driving solicitor”, “motoring solicitor”, “motoring lawyer” or “road traffic lawyer” all mean basically the same thing. The only difference is only a person qualified as a solicitor, authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority,  can call themselves a solicitor. Only solicitors (plus some legal executives and barristers) are allowed to conduct litigation for members of the public in most court cases in England and Wales.

A “motoring barrister” is slightly different. Barrister are regulated by the Bar Standards Board. Most barristers are not authorised to conduct litigation and tend to deal just with court appearances. There is still a legal separation between solicitors and barrister but the distinction has become a bit blurred. For example I can go to the Crown Court to conduct hearings and some barristers can now conduct litigation.

Where is Stephen Oldham Solicitors based?

i am based in Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffordshire but I work all over England and Wales.

What areas of the country does Stephen Oldham Solicitors cover?

I cover cases all over England and Wales. Scotland and Northern Ireland have different legal systems, I am not allowed to conduct cases there. You can find more information at my Nationwide Coverage page.

What kind of cases does Stephen Oldham Solicitors do?

I represent drivers who have been accused of motoring offences. This involves police investigations, Magistrates’ Court cases, Crown Court cases and appeals. Find out more at my Services page.

Do you have an office?

I do have a small office at home. The technology that I use means that I do not need a traditional office with a brass plate on the front door, meeting rooms, secretaries and staff. My virtual office office lives in my laptop and in the cloud. All of this means that I can keep costs down and pass the benefit on in my fees. It also means that I can work in a much more flexible way. My cases are all over the country so I can take my office with me and work on the road. It also means that I can take my services direct to my clients. I work non-traditional hours without needing to stick to normal office opening times meaning that I can make appointments in the evening and at weekends when my clients need them.

Not having an office does not mean that my service is compromised. Each client is different and I can offer flexible conferences to discuss progress of the case using the telephone, Skype, appointments at court, home visits, coffee shops and serviced offices.

Find out more about how I work in this post.

What is a paperless law firm?

Traditional lawyers are buried under a mountain of paper. Most of it is completely unnecessary. I use IT systems to eliminate almost all paper. The justice system is going through a transformation. Nearly all case papers are electronic and communications can all be made by email. Having a paperless office means that I can work anywhere without the need to carry around bulky paper files – I have access to all of my electronic case files wherever I have access to a computer or a mobile phone.

I have to store a few original documents such as signed witness statements and some court papers. I do have a small number of paper files.

Why do you not have any staff?

Two reasons. Firstly I don’t need any. My IT and mobile communication systems mean that I can perform the role of solicitor, paralegal, secretary, cashier and receptionist myself. Secondly, my clients prefer it because they know that they will always be able to speak to me and all of the work on their case will be done by a fully qualified solicitor.

Do you offer free consultations?

Yes. Call me about your case and I am happy to discuss it on the telephone. Sometimes a couple of minutes on the phone is all that you need to resolve the whole matter. If you need more detailed advice and if you want me to review documents I will charge. But I guarantee that the first call is always free.

Can I call Stephen Oldham about a relative or a friend’s case?

Yes. You can call about a driving case for a relative or friend. I might be able to give you some general guidance to pass on to them. If I take a case on then I do need to speak to the person accused of the motoring offence in person. Once I have taken instructions from a person then their case is confidential. If they authorise me to discuss the accusations or charges with someone else then I am usually happy to.

How can I contact Stephen Oldham Solicitors?

There are loads of ways to contact me about a driving case. Here they all are:

Who will I speak to if I call Stephen Oldham Solicitors?

I am the only person at Stephen Oldham Solicitors so you will speak to me. Sometimes I am at court and sometimes I am asleep. Just leave me a voicemail, SMS, email or social media message and I will get back to you.

Does Stephen Oldham go to all of the court hearings?

I try to cover all of the court hearings myself. Very occasionally I am not able to go (for example if I already have a hearing at another court on that day). If that happens I will arrange for a barrister or another solicitor to attend. I will always discuss it with my client first so that there are never any surprises.

Can Stephen Oldham Solicitors get me a barrister?

Most of my clients prefer me to represent them. If you would prefer a barrister I can arrange one for you. The fees might be different from what I usually offer. I can discuss that with you.

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  1. Hello, I was recently arrested for drink driving, I stupidly in panick left scene, went home had some drink, then called the police, I was arrested blew 59 and released under investigation. The police didn’t seize what I drank after accident, they asked me very few questions on interview, they didn’t ask what I weighed, what I ate and when, I have just had a call from police asking my weight, should I have told them.? I thought they would of had to ask me on interview under caution? I told them between 14 and 15 stones and he just said will put 15 stones. Is that right

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