Fees FAQs

How do fixed fees work?

I will quote you a fixed fee at the beginning of your case. The fee usually includes taking your instructions, preparing your case and representing you at court. Sometimes the fee might include an expert witness. Because every case is different the fixed fee is tailored to your individual circumstances. I always provide details of fixed fees in writing.

I try to include everything in the initial fixed fee. Any extra work outside the scope of the fixed fee attracts extra charges. If I think that it is likely that there will be any extra fees (for example if there might be an extra court hearing) I will try to tell you at the beginning of the case. Litigation is unpredictable so I can never be 100% sure. Hopefully my experience at dealing with road cases means that I can give you a good idea from the start. I will always offer another fixed fee for extra work.

What is your hourly rate?

I do not charge an hourly rate. I offer fixed fees in all cases. Most clients prefer it that way. If you would prefer to pay an hourly rate, I charge £250 per hour. That usually works out much more expensive than a fixed fee.

What is included in a fixed fee?

It varies from case to case. Most fixed fees include:

  • Taking instructions over the telephone
  • Preparing the case for court
  • Attending court a fixed number of times
  • Travel expenses
  • Experts fees when they are needed
  • My overheads

What is not included in a fixed fee?

These things are never included in a fixed fee.

  • Extra court hearings
  • Fines
  • Victim surcharges
  • Prosecution costs
  • Criminal courts charge
  • Extra work not identified at the beginning of the case
  • Preparing a claim under a defence costs order
  • Appeals

Remember that every case is different. I will be clear about what is and is not included in a fixed fee at the beginning of a case. If you are enquiring about a new road traffic investigation or prosecution please ask if you are not completely sure.

Is a fixed fee guaranteed to cover all of my case?

No. I try to include everything that I think will be needed in the fixed fee quote at the beginning of a case. I usually get it right. Occasionally there might be extra charges if more work (for example an extra court hearing) is involved.

When do I have to pay?

In most cases you will have to pay the fixed fee at the beginning of the case. I don’t normally split the payments. Sometimes I will agree to staged payments if the court hearing is several months away and in trial cases that may take a long time to complete. Fixed fees always have to be paid up before the final court hearing.

Why are the fees much more for trials?

Quite simply because trials take much more time to prepare. They quite often involve more than one court appearance. The amount of work necessary to get a case to trial is greater than for a guilty plea or an exceptional hardship case.

Can I get your fees back if I win my case?

In most Magistrates’ Court cases if you are found not guilty you can claim your legal costs back under a Defence Costs Order. You are not guaranteed to get all of your costs back. Your refund is at legal aid rates which are quite low.

Why do you not put the exact fixed fees online?

I try to give you an idea of the fees at my fees page. No two cases are exactly the same so quoting exact fees can sometimes be confusing or misleading. Once I know what is involved with a case I can usually give a quote for a fixed fee straight away.

Do you charge VAT?

Yes, I  charge VAT.

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