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Drivers of almost all vehicles on roads or public places need a licence As well as drivers with no licence at all, the following can be accused of unlicensed driving: learners without a supervisor or ‘L’ plates; some foreign drivers who have been in the UK for more than 12 months; drivers whose licence has been revoked by DVLA.

If the police have accused you of an licence offence and you want to challenge the case against you, I may be able to help. Are you worried about a driving ban for a licence offence? I can help with that too.

Things I Look Out For in Driving Licence Cases

  • Is there any evidence that the accused was driving
  • Errors in procedure by the police
  • Errors in procedure by the prosecution
  • If the driver is pleading guilty are there any special reasons not to impose penalty points
  • Can the case be referred back to the police for a fixed penalty
  • Have the police made a mistake by saying that the licence was not in place or invalid
  • Was a foreign licence still valid even though the driver had a UK provisional licence
  • If the driver will get 12 points or more will there be exceptional hardship which could result in a reduced ban or no ban at all
  • Should no penalty points be imposed because the driver entitled to a licence

Also Known As

  • Driving otherwise than in accordance with a licence
  • DOAL
  • No having a proper licence
  • Not complying with the terms of a driving licence

Penalties for Unlicensed Driving

The maximum sentence for unlicensed driving is:

  • Fine £1,000
  • 3-6 penalty points or a disqualification from driving

No penalty points are imposed if the driver was entitled to a licence.

The police can impose a fixed penalty for no insurance of 3 penalty points and £100.00.

Crown Court or Magistrates’ Court?

Unlicensed driving trials and guilty pleas are always in the Magistrates’ Court. Appeals are in the Crown Court.

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