Ms T Hall

“I would thoroughly recommend Stephen Oldham Solicitors for any of your driving related convictions. His attention to detail, extremely quick response time to questions either by text, telephone or email is refreshingly impressive and exactly what you need when going through the stress of a court case. He is extremely professional, calm and confident in court. His depth of knowledge and research won our case; even when the evidence we had was slim. We can’t thank him enough. If you need a solicitor don’t hesitate to contact him.
Ms T Hall”

JAC Muir of Hertfordshire

Dear Stephen, Thank you for your professional help over the past months in representing me for the accumulation of driving licence penalty points, a so-called ‘totting up’ case. Your non-judgmental, practical and honest manner put me at ease from our first telephone introduction and I felt confident to speak frankly with you from the start. (more…)

CM of Bath

My wife received a speeding fine for doing 26mph in a 20mph zone that had, for more than twenty years, been a 30mph zone until only the week before. She then neglected to send off her license when she paid the fine. Suddenly we were looking at a prosecution with a maximum 9 points and £2000 fine. What you need in such circumstances is someone who is responsive and effective. Stephen turned out to be both. Commissioned on a Friday, he dealt with our case over that very weekend, followed up with the court and managed to get one charge dropped and the fine reduced to the standard 3 points and £146. Result! I did speak to some other local solicitors but they charged a lot more and clearly didn’t know the legal territory as well as he did. Highly recommended.

Stephen Oldham represented CM’s wife at in a case at Bath Magistrates’ Court

Mr M of Oxfordshire

Competent and confident. Speedy response and effective. Would recommend.

Stephen Oldham represented Mr M in a case at Stevenage Magistrates’ Court

JA, Teacher

Stephen was fantastic! Very calm and highly skilled and achieved a great result.

Stephen Oldham represented JA in a case at Bodmin Magistrates’ Court


Miss H of Chelmsford

I think you were very realistic and honest with me. You laid out the facts and presented the points that you felt were in my favour. There was no false hope provided and I appreciated that. Your response to emails and telephone calls were always prompt and you kept me up to date every step of the way. A fantastic service and I really appreciated your services. I would highly recommend you to anyone who was in the same situation I found myself in.

Stephen Oldham represented Miss H at Basildon Crown Court

Miss H

Matthew Best of Stoke on Trent

I spoke to a few other motoring solicitor before I chose Stephen Oldham to represent me. Stephen was truly honest in what services I would need. He did not promise anything that could not be achieved. My best interests were at the centre the advice that he gave me. We worked together to plan the best approach for my case.
Stephen was quick and professional approach to all aspects of my case. He promptly answered questions via email despite a few being late at night.
When we went to court Stephen presented my mitigation in court to a very high standard.
Stephen Oldham represented Matthew Best at Newcastle-under-Lyme Magistrates’ Court
Matthew Best

Andrew Jones of Shrewsbury

I contacted Stephen Oldham to help me appeal my case to the Crown Court.
I was nominated by mistake as the driver of a vehicle by my employer. They made an error when they completed the requirement to provide driver details to the police.
I took my case to trial in the magistrates’ court. The magistrates did not believe me and I was found guilty of failing to provide information about the identity of a driver. They gave me six points and a big fine.
After that experience, there was no way that I was going to represent myself again. Stephen took on the appeal and did everything for me. He represented me at Mold Crown Court and won the appeal. I did not even have to say a word myself. He me informed and up to date throughout the whole process. He was always honest and very approachable.
I would recommend Stephen Oldham Solicitors to anyone with a motoring case.
Stephen Oldham represented Andrew Jones for an appeal at Mold Crown Court.
Andrew Jones

KS of Newcastle-under-Lyme

I highly recommend Stephen Oldham Solicitors. He is very approachable, matter of fact and non-judgmental. He does not work the normal 9 – 5 hours, and this was a tremendous help. He is extremely knowledgeable and inspires confidence. He made a truly stressful situation bearable. (more…)

DB of Reading

I had a speeding fine where I had not been able to work out who was driving in time to meet the Police deadlines, and so was faced with court proceedings. I was at a loss as to what to do, there was lots of conflicting advice on the internet, and it was all a little daunting. I contacted Stephen on a Sunday and he replied straight away. Stephen was confident and supportive throughout, leaving me too feeling confident that it was going to be OK. Stephen got me a great result from the court. Next time I’ll go to Stephen straight away!


Oliver Smith, accountant

Good communication leading up to court.
Quick and helpful responses to e-mails.
Spoke very well for me in court. (more…)

MP, Designer

Stephens advice was straight forward and to the point. There was no pretence of what could be achieved. The options and outcomes in my case were clearly explained and the recommendation as to how to achieve the best result proved faultless. Stephen has kept me on the road and ultimately saved my job. I cannot recommend him highly enough.

Stephen Oldham represented MP in a case at Chorley Magistrates’ Court

GC, business owner

Called Stephen at short notice regarding representing me in court and best advice. He was exemplary. Quickly moved into action and was available at all hours to discuss my case. In the end we managed to secure the minimum sentence available. Superb result! Thanks Stephen. Fully recommended.

Sam Harris, managing director, of Stafford

I have recently engaged the services of Stephen Oldham Solicitors to contest a potential driving ban.  This would have caused extreme hardship in connection with my business and family.

We took the matter seriously and Stephen seemed to thoroughly grasp the gravity of the situation and was able to empathetically prepare a thorough presentation to the bench of magistrates that resulted in a fine and points but no ban. (more…)

Mr M of Datchet

Stephen was meticulously prepared, leaving no stone unturned. He represented my case in the most positive way for success. Stephen highlighted the strategy options for us and detailed the options for the Crown Court Judge and magistrates in their selective course of action. (more…)

Daniel Lear of Staffordshire

Really top quality advice, brilliant knowledge of the law, explaining all options available and solid representation.

AC of Swadlincote

Gave good, clear advice throughout the whole process and represented us well in court. (more…)

MG of Birmingham

I would highly recommend Stephen as an excellent solicitor who not only shows professionalism in his field but also made me feel at ease with the format of the court proceedings and the summarising at the end also a courtesy email that covered everything discussed was much appreciated

Stephen Oldham represented MG at Birmingham Magistrates’ Court

RJ, I.T. Specialist

Stephen Oldham helped me to keep my driving licence after I totted up to 15 penalty points. I was really worried about being banned from driving for six months. My job involves driving all over the UK and abroad. I would have lost my job.

Stephen dealt with every part of my case. He has no secretaries or assistants; he does all of those jobs himself. That meant that I always knew I was speaking to an expert solicitor from the start.

I would recommend thedrivingsolicitor.co.uk to anyone faced with a magistrates’ court case for a motoring offence.

Stephen Oldham represented RJ at Newcastle-under-Lyme Magistrates’ Court

Paul Langley of Andover

Stephen Oldham represented me for a disqualified driving charge. I contacted him after the police stopped me, told me that I was a banned driver and seized my car. He helped me to get my car back and we managed to get the driving ban overturned. Stephen was always available to take my calls and to answer my emails. He was open and honest about the positives and the negatives of my case. Stephen asked the judge in the magistrates’ court to be lenient. I was given a conditional discharge with no fine to pay.

Stephen Oldham Solicitors represented Paul Langley at Basingstoke Magistrates’ Court

Garry Calvert, coach driver from Knaresborough

Stephen was from the first word go a true professional.all the way through to even leaving th courtroom. Without his advice and guidance I seriously doubt I’d of got the outcome which I did. I can’t thank him enough. The way he dealt not only with my case but with me too was so reassuring and in times like that it’s such a comfort having a real honest professional on your side. I’d recommend Stephen to anyone who requires his skills. He’d be a true asset to anyone’s cause . Many thanks once again Stephen.

Stephen Oldham Solicitors represented Garry Calvert at Carlisle Magistrates’ Cour

Concerned Mother

Stephen provided accurate, sound and detailed advice that allowed my 17 year old son and I to form our own view on the case, the implications and the best way forward. Stephen was the only solicitor to support a guilty plea based on the merit of the case. Because my son was well informed, he represented himself in court, pleaded guilty, showed genuine remorse for the drug impaired driving incident and has received the minimum penalty of a 12 month ban and a £300 fine.

Good advice is hard to find.

A big thank you to Stephen for his time.

Professor Howard Ward of Newcastle-under-Lyme

It is a great pleasure for me to write a testimonial for Stephen Oldham of Stephen Oldham Solicitors.

Stephen acted for me on a driving offence case which could have resulted in my being disqualified from driving had I been found guilty. However, as a result of his defence strategy, the CPS agreed that it would not be in the public interest to pursue the matter.<!–more–>

So my case never even went to court. This was not only a great relief but also quite beyond my expectations.

For the moment, as a new company, Stephen has a rather unique business model. He has no office. He works from home. He has no other employees. I was given his name by another solicitor. There are, however, many advantages with this model at this stage.

First and foremost, during our work together, I felt that I was his only client – though I know this not to have been the case. He appeared to be on call 24/7. My first contact with him was a  7pm telephone call to my home after I had a left a message for him at 4.30pm that same day.

Once he accepted my case, communication between us was immediate and personal.

Whatever we discussed on the phone was backed up in writing by email within less than 24 hours. As a result of this immediate follow-up to all our discussions we were able, very swiftly, to develop a step by step strategy for my defence. This clear, comprehensive strategy was then presented to the CPS well before the trial. As a result they finally agreed to drop the case.

In all our conversations I was impressed by his knowledge of the relevant laws, cases related to my situation and legal procedure. I would have no hesitation to recommend him as a well-qualified, realistic and pragmatic counsel.

Professor Howard Ward

Stephen Oldham Solicitors represented Professor Ward in a case before Mold Magistrates

Frederick Jones of Wombourne

I am a retired magistrate 15 years on the bench. I have helped many motorists with rather simple motoring offences.

I found Stephen’s name on the internet, and he took over the case of a colleague of mine which was all but simple, with serious consequences if it had not been handled correctly and professionally.

My view is that Stephen, is particularly fast at grasping the salient facts and weaknesses of a case. I would have absolutely no hesitation of using his talents and facilities again in the future.The highest compliment to give, is that I would be more than happy if Stephen were to represent myself should the need ever arise.

Gareth Davies of Witney

Excellent service. Stephen was very easy to talk to an made me feel at ease before going into court He didn’t mind me phoning or emailing with any questions no matter how small. I would highly recommend.

Mr C of Bolton

I would recommend Stephen as a specialist motoring solicitor to anyone who has been accused of a driving offence. I was driving along a busy hight street when my vehicle hit a pedestrian who was crossing the street. I didn’t even realise that the accident had happened until a police officer contacted me a few days later. The whole incident had been seen by CCTV.
The police charged me with careless driving, facing to stop after an accident and failing to report an accident. I was scared. I have never had a single penalty point on my licence before. I did some research online and found out that I could even go to prison for something the police were treating as a hit and run.
I got in touch with Stephen Oldham via his website thedrivingsolicitor.co.uk. He took care of all the details and represented me at court. Stephen reassured me from the start and told me that I had a defence. He persuaded the prosecutor that I had a defence to the most serious charges. I pleaded guilty to careless driving and came out with just 3 penalty points on my licence.

Susan Redding of Halesowen

I was so pleased with the outcome I am glad I choose to work with you. You did the best for us the outcome was excellent. with regard to how you could improve i will not be able to comment on this because I think you did the best. once again I am glad I paid for the services it was worth every penny I would highly recommend you to anyone with similar case or anything to do with motoring. A big thanks to you Steve

J.C. of Stourport

Initially I was going to represent myself after speaking with other solicitors feeding me lies and giving me false promise. Then I spoke with Stephen and straight away he was honest from the first phone call about my case and options i had available. He wasn’t able to make my hearing as he was tied up in court elsewhere, but had a barrister step in for him who did an awesome job. I managed to get the lowest disqualification for my charge, no community order and a cheaper fine than the 200% guideline. So in all, I’m extremely happen with The Driving Solicitors services and would highly recommend to anybody who was in my situation.

Stephen Burke, Sutton Coldfield

Full of advice and information at any time explaining all possible outcomes and very professional from start to finish.

Ms C of Leamington

I made a huge mistake and was facing a lengthy driving ban and a potential custodial sentence. I have no doubt that the very professional advice, guidance and representation from Stephen Oldham Solicitors was the difference that kept me out of prison and able to pursue the help that I needed to get myself back on track.

Miss K of Staffordshire

I had never been to court before, another lawyer recommended Stephen Oldham to me. I contacted him and he helped me though the whole court process.

The police charged me with drink driving after I had an accident. It was a terrible experience and I felt awful about what had happened.
Stephen was honest with me throughout. He advised me that the accident and the high breath alcohol reading meant that the magistrates might consider sending me to prison. We prepared for the hearing together and Stephen did all of the talking before the court – I didn’t have to say a thing.

I didn’t enjoy going to court at all but I came out with a community order and a driving ban. Stephen was very careful in keeping details of my sensitive job out of the papers and I managed to keep my job.

D B de S P Architect / Interior Designer / Saxophonist

Stephen Oldham represented me very successfully for a speeding offence and totting up points case. As an Architect &amp; professional myself I would recommend him as a true professional in his chosen motoring field.

Dominic Bon de Sousa Pernes

Ben, Birmingham

Obviously Stephen is very knowledgeable on motoring offences and this helped considerably. Stephen quickly absorbed all the issues, advised me comprehensively and managed the whole process very well. Stephen represented me well in court and this definitely reduced my imposed fine – well worth the investment and Stephen is highly recommended.

Richard Boyd, RB Automotive, Newtonwards, Northern Ireland

I called Stephen Oldham when I was wrongly convicted by Cannock Magistrates’ Court of failing to provide driver details.

I am a in the motor trade and it is vital for me to keep all of my paperwork in order so I was shocked when the police accused me of not replying to a s172 notice to name the driver of a vehicle that I had bought and sold several months before as well as a speeding offence that I had not committed.
Stephen advised me to appeal the conviction to the Crown Court. He guided me through the process and took care of the details.
He helped me to collect evidence to show that I had not been driving the car and that I had replied to everything that I should have. He was there to represent me at the Crown Court on the day of the appeal hearing. I was nervous about giving evidence. You can’t imagine how pleased I was when he managed to persuade the prosecuting barrister to drop the case against me.

The 6 points were taken of my licence and all of my fines were cancelled. Stephen even asked the judge to make an order so that I could claim some of my costs back.

Mr Style, Hertfordshire

Stephen was very helpful and understanding towards my case. He was honest in his opinion towards both sides of the case.

R.P. Newcastle-under-Lyme

Provided an excellent service from first contact to conclusion of the case. Always contactable even outside office hours giving this service a very personal and “bespoke” feel. I cannot recommend Stephen Oldham highly enough to do him justice.

Tom, Senior sales manager for a global chemicals business, York

I was shocked to get a letter from the police telling me that I had been speeding. I know that these letters arrive all the time but I really couldn’t remember driving on the road that they mentioned. I drive tens of thousands of miles a year in my company car. I already had points on my licence and I couldn’t risk a ban. I could have lost my job. Then I looked on the paperwork and noticed that the speeding was almost 5 months ago. I didn’t know why it had taken so long for them to contact me.

I couldn’t remember what was going on so long ago so I thought of writing to the police and telling them. Before I did that I contacted Stephen Oldham. He told me that I should check my work diary to see if I was driving. If I told the police that I didn’t remember I risked a prosecution for failing to provide driver details: 6 points and a big fine was not a good prospect for me. I checked and found that I had been in the area that day. Nobody else usually drives my car; it was me driving. Now came the clever bit. Stephen advised me to wait until the last minute to reply to the police. Then he told me not to accept the offer of a fixed penalty for 3 points and £60. That would mean that more than 6 months had passed since the speeding – too late for the police to send me to court!

The police still tried to give me a fixed penalty and threatened me with an appearance at the Magistrates’ Court. Stephen advised me to hold my nerve. There was no way that I could be prosecuted for speeding.

Thanks to Stephen, there was no conviction,  no points and I kept my licence.

Mrs F, London

Stephen provides straightforward advice, he laid out all the options that were available without any commitment from me. I am sure that the result would not have been so favourable without his services and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him.

Mrs. T, Staffordshire

My husband and I drive the same regular route two or three times a week. We usually go in my car but take it in turns to drive, there is no set plan about who does the driving.

On one of the journeys the car was seen by a camera going through a red light just after it had changed. A few days later I received a notice of intended prosecution (NIP) from the police along with a request to provide driver details (s.172 notice. I couldn’t remember who was driving, I thought that it was probably my husband. I asked him if he could remember but he couldn’t. We do the journey so often and every one seems the same. I wrote to the police and told them that I just did not know who was driving. I had seen all of the publicity about Chris Huhne and Vicky Price so I didn’t want to tell the police that my husband was driving when I was not sure. I also didn’t want to say I was the driver because I didn’t think that it was me.

The police sent out another notice to my husband. He sent out a similar reply. A few month later we were both shocked to receive a summons from the police. They were prosecuting us both for failing to provide driver details and we had to go to the Magistrates/ Court.

We didn’t know what to do so we contacted Stephen Oldham. Stephen reassured us right from the start that we had a defence in law. He told us that he was confident that if we took the case to trial then we would be found not guilty.

Stephen helped us fill in the forms saying that we were not guilty. We then composed a letter to the Magistrates’ Court explaining the issues for trial and why we were not guilty.

We expected to get a trial date but we got something even better.

After the prosecution at court had read the letter that Stephen and I prepared they dropped the case.

We did not have to go to court and avoided a trial altogether.

Business Owner, Staffordshire

I run a building firm and several people work for me. I always run 5 or 6 vehicles. Making sure that all of the trucks, vans and diggers are insured is pretty important. I am normally on top of it. I felt terrible when one of my workers told me that he had been stopped by the police. They told him that the van that he was driving for a job had no insurance on it. I owned the van and the insurance was my responsibility.<!–more–>

I wanted to make sure that I got the best for my trusted employee so I contacted Stephen Oldham to find out what to do. He spoke to my employee and me and got all of the details. We entered a not guilty plea at the Magistrates’ Court. Stephen was there on the day of trial. It was pretty nerve racking giving evidence and being cross-examined but Stephen guided us both through the whole process. In the end the result was what we wanted.

My employee was found not guilty and I walked out of court with nothing worse than a little hurt pride.

Better than that, Stephen got a court order meaning that we got our legal costs back.