Fixed Fees from £300

Fixed Fees from £300

Fixed fee for every case.

  • You know what the cost will be from the start
  • No need to worry about huge legal bills
  • No hidden charges

How Fixed Fees Work

At the start of your case, we will agree the work that I am going to do and agree the price. I will tell you about any extra money for medical examinations, expert reports or other fees.

Sometimes you may want me to do some extra work. You might decide to take it to trial when we had budgeted for a cheaper guilty plea. If that happens, no problem. We will simply agree a new fixed fee. Some of the money that you have already spent may even go towards the new fee.

Good Value Does not Mean Poor Quality

I can keep my fees low by operating a paperless virtual office. All of the work on your case is done by me. I do not have expensive premises, marketing, secretaries, paralegals or staff to pay for. All of those savings are passed on directly to you. The Justice System is becoming paperless; solicitors no longer need expensive equipment when everything can be kept securely on the cloud.

You know that everything in your case has been taken care of personally by a fully qualified, experienced solicitor.

How Much?

Every case is different. Call me for advice about the best package for you.


All fees are subject to VAT at 20%.

Why are the Prices “From”

The fees that I have given are for typical cases close to my office. Sometimes cases are more complicated; they might involve expert witnesses, multiple hearings or extensive paperwork. In those cases the fee will be more than the minimum. Fees are also higher when I have to travel to court. I cover courts and police stations all over the country.

Legal Aid

I do not offer Legal Aid.

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