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I help drivers who have been accused of motoring offences in England and Wales.

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I have over 15 years legal experience in court as a solicitor. All of my clients deal directly with me.


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Matthew Best of Stoke on Trent

I spoke to a few other motoring solicitor before I chose Stephen Oldham to represent me. Stephen was truly honest in what services I would need. He did not promise anything that could not be achieved. My best interests were at the centre the advice that he gave me. We worked together to plan the best approach for my case.
Stephen was quick and professional approach to all aspects of my case. He promptly answered questions via email despite a few being late at night.
When we went to court Stephen presented my mitigation in court to a very high standard.
Stephen Oldham represented Matthew Best at Newcastle-under-Lyme Magistrates’ Court
Matthew Best

Stephen Burke, Sutton Coldfield

Full of advice and information at any time explaining all possible outcomes and very professional from start to finish.

J.C. of Stourport

Initially I was going to represent myself after speaking with other solicitors feeding me lies and giving me false promise. Then I spoke with Stephen and straight away he was honest from the first phone call about my case and options i had available. He wasn’t able to make my hearing as he was tied up in court elsewhere, but had a barrister step in for him who did an awesome job. I managed to get the lowest disqualification for my charge, no community order and a cheaper fine than the 200% guideline. So in all, I’m extremely happen with The Driving Solicitors services and would highly recommend to anybody who was in my situation.

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Stephen Oldham Solicitors

Specialist motoring offence lawyer


Tel: 0330 111 6074

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